Well, it may be better to start with a different question.  Who is Wilbur?  But again that answer is a bit convoluted.  Perhaps the question "What is Wilbur?" is the one that should be asked.  Wilbur is quite simply, the name that I have given to the Cincinnati Curling Club Champions Trophy. Now most people wouldn't take the time to name a trophy, but this isn't your typical trophy, let me explain.

As a relatively new curling club, we haven't been able to establish many traditions.  Since my team was able to somehow win the first ever Cincinnati Curling Club League (and God only knows how that happened), we decided to have some fun, and start one.  Since curling has such a strong Canadian heritage, we would steal something from another Canadian pastime, hockey and Lord Stanley's Cup.  For those of you reading this who are unfamiliar, the tradition is that after winning the championship, every member of the team gets a day to take the trophy anywhere they want, and to do with anything it they choose.

Now with that being said, Team Sip&Slides decided to take our trophy, that I have nicknamed Wilbur on a tour.  To explain the tour, I need to add one additional detail.  For those of you who are geographically challenged, Cincinnati, Ohio borders the northern tip of Kentucky, and the two states have a friendly rivalry with each other.  The Cincinnati Curling Club is made up of exclusively of people who live in Ohio, except for 4 people who live in Kentucky.  Those 4 people formed a team called Sip&Slides, and one thing led to another which led to a League Championship.  So the first ever Cincinnati Curling Club Champions are all living in Kentucky.  As a result, it only made sense for Wilbur to tour the Bluegrass State, and report back to the rest of the club just how nice Kentucky is.

In case you never saw the first championship recap, here is a photo of the champion Team Sip&Slides.

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After a hard fought battle it was time for some R&R for Wilbur.

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During his time off Wilbur seemed lonely, and decided to make some friends.  And what better friend to make except to go visit his Championship brothers at the University of Kentucky.

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After meeting his extended family, Wilbur decided to cap off his celebration with a brief tour of Kentucky

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Team Sip & Slides has a little bit more time with Wilbur before the current season is over, and a new league champion is crowned, so check back for more adventures of Wilbur.