Open House

Interested in learning about curling?  An Open House is a great way to get exposure to our sport!

Upcoming Curling Open House

No events are scheduled at this time.

New Players

An Open House is an informal learn to curl. Includes 30 minutes to sample the sport of curling. Includes basic instruction. This includes on-ice time with real curling exposure!

League Player & Club Members

An Open House is time to practice before the season starts. Includes 30 minutes on-ice to drill and test your skills.

Common Questions

Q – Do I need any special equipment?
A – All curling related equipment will be provided by the Cincinnati Curling Club

Q – What should I wear?
A – Curling is played on ice, so dress warmly. The typical temperature on the ice is in the mid 40’s.  It is best to wear loose fitting clothing, and wear layers.  Many curlers wear athletic warm-up pants, yoga pants, or other similar sweat pants.  While it is OK to wear jeans, jeans tend to be a little too restrictive in movement allowed for most people.  Remember that during curling, you will be getting into a lunge position, so make sure that your clothing allows for this.  Another key to clothing is to wear layers.  Most people tend to get warm after sweeping for a bit, and they will take off a sweatshirt or other layer to they don’t overheat.  It is best to wear gloves that will allow basic dexterity.

Q – What shoes should I wear?
A – No Heels, Sandals or open toed shoes are permitted on the ice.  It is best to wear normal athletic or running shoes.  All shoes must be clean before you will be allowed on the ice.  Failure to wear the correct footwear will result in you not being allowed onto the ice.

Q – Do I need to be a member of the Cincinnati Curling Club to come and curl?
A – For the Learn To Curl Clinics and Instructional Leagues that we are running, you do not need to be a member to come out and try curling.  If you would like to curl in one of our other leagues, you will need to join the club.

Q – If I love curling after my first time, how can I curl more?
A – We have all kinds of options for people to join our club.  Anyone is welcome to become a member and join our club.  We offer multiple curling leagues, ranging from leagues for the highly competitive to instructional leagues intended to help beginners learn the game better.