The Cincinnati Curling Club would like to recognize many people in the Curling Community

Indian Hill Winter Club - Our gracious host and arena ice provider

USA Curling - The official home of USA Curling

Canadian Curling Association - With some many people in our club being of Canadian heritage, it only makes sense

World Curling Federation - All curling, all over the world

Steve's Curling Supplies - A great place to stock on great stuff

12th End Sports Network - Broadcast partner home to local and competitive curling content

logo_reddit- Turns out, there's a subreddit for curling

Other Local Curling Clubs

Columbus Curling Club

Mayfield Curling Club

Cleveland Skating Club


Curl Troy

Bowling Green Curling Club

Circle City Curling Club

Fort Wayne Curling Club

A map of all curling clubs in the United States