Junior Curling is basically curling for anyone under the age of 21.  There are both competitive and recreational opportunities to curl for these age groups but also juniors can play alongside adults in some events.  For the more competitive athlete, there are Regional, National and World Championships.

The long term vision of the Cincinnati Curling Club would be to have a Junior program where players and play and practice together with coaches to improve their skills.  Add to that, a High School League, where players from the same school can compete for pride and continue to improve their skills, strategy and execution under pressure.

In the short term, we have been partnering with Columbus Curling Club on their Saturday afternoon Junior Program.  They have half-weighted stones for the really little kids and excellent instructors at the various age and skill levels.  If you are interested in getting better as a curler, email us (at junior@cincinnaticurlingclub.com) and we can help you get on the path to success and build a life long love of curling.