2016 USCA Arena Nationals

The Cincinnati Curling Club is proud to announce our Teams for the USCA Arena Nationals that will take place in West Chester, PA May 1o-15, 2016.  Good Luck and Good Curling!

Men's Team

Jonathan Penney, Chuck Newcombe, Darrell Brown, Dan Coviello

Women's Team

Monique Penney, Stephanie Simpson, Janet Clifford-Brown, Deb Coviello

Sign Up For A Late Curling League

Cincinnati Curling Club has been given the unique opportunity to join Curl Troy in their Springfield League.  Curl Troy's 10-week league starts this Thursday March 3rd and we have an option for 2 teams to enter.  Some of our players have expressed interest and some can only make it every other week.  We need a minimum of 6 people each week to make it work.  The league will take place at The Chiller in Springfield.

If you are interested in getting some more games into this curling season, this might be the perfect opportunity.  Curl Troy is in a similar stage of development as Cincy Curling with us both having a mix of experienced and novice players.

At this point, if you are interested please sign up AS AN INDIVIDUAL.  Once we get the list of people who want it, we will then work out who is available for each week.

We are suggesting a $15 per game donation to the Curl Troy group.

Good Curling,
Jonathan Penney - President


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