Curling Schedule For March 1st

Here are the curling game times for the final Championship week games on Sunday March 1, 2015.  Please note that the circus is going on at the same time.  Therefore PARKING WILL BE AN ISSUE.  THERE WILL BE A POLICE BLOCKADE AT THE NORMAL ENTRANCE TO THE PARKING LOT SO YOU MUST DRIVE AROUND THE  BACK OF THE GARDENS ON CARTHAGE AVENUE

Furthermore, due to the circus, there will probably be extra traffic, so please give yourself more time than usual to get to the arena.  I do not know how much traffic there will be, and I cannot recommend how much extra time to give yourself, I just want to make you aware of the situation.

Draw 1 Sunday March 1, 2015
Games start at 12:30.  Please be in the arena by noon to help with ice setup.
Sweeping Beauties & The Beasts
Hacks & Hops IPA
Hack Hacks
Sheet Storm
Swept With Your Wife
Game of Stones
Get Your Rocks Off
So Close

Draw 2 Sunday March 1, 2015
Games start at 2:00
East of Maine
Skipity Do Da
Hacks & Hops Dunkel
Pampers Rockers
Sip & Slides
House Hunters
Blarney Stones
Double Dream Hands

Draw 3 Sunday March 1, 2015
Games start at 3:30
12 Ounce Curls
Hacks & Hops Pilsner
Crowded House
Stone Cold Throwers
Get Your Sheet In Order

Let me know if you have any questions.

Also, I would like to thank everyone for curling with us this year.  It has been a learning process for us as we continue to grow, and your patience has been appreciated.

Curlers Needed For Challenge Against the Bowling Green Curling Club

The Cincinnati Curling Club will be having our first ever Friendly Competition against the Bowling Green Curling Club on March 28, 2015.  For those of you who do not know, a Friendly is simply a competition played between a couple of curling clubs.

We are in need of 24 members of the Cincinnati Curling Club to go up to Bowling Green, Ohio for the event.

You are signing up as an individual not as a team of four. We will do our best to try to keep people who normally play together on the same team for this friendly, but it might not be possible in all cases.

Additional details about the event including exact times, cost, etc. can be found by clicking HERE.

Jonathan has already talked to some people about this event, and those that seemed interested have had their name already entered onto the list.  So for those people, don't be chocked to see your name already on the list.

More Learn To Curl Classes Announced

The Cincinnati Curling Club is pleased to announce that another Learn To Curl classes has been announced.

This class our LTC101 class which is intended for people who have never curled before, or may have tried it once, but didn't feel comfortable curling.  The goal of this class is to cover the basics of how to sweep, how to deliver a rock, how to score the game, etc.

This will be our last class of the season before the ice melts for the warm weather, so for anyone who has been putting it off to sign up, wait no longer.  Also, as our classes always sell out, we strongly advise you to not wait too long to sign up.

The registration for both of these classes is now open, and you can get to our registration page by clicking HERE.

Life at the Cincinnati Gardens

From our humble beginnings at the Indian Hill Winter Club in 2010, the Cincinnati Curling Club needed to get more ice time in the winter months to help grow the sport of curling. In the fall of 2014, we discovered that The Cincinnati Gardens would be a perfect fit for us. The smaller skating center adjacent to the main arena was sized and priced right for curling. The ability to get ice time early on was a bit tricky but it was a learning process on both sides. We hope to be there next winter and are making plans to do just that.

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