More Learn To Curl Classes Announced

The Cincinnati Curling Club is pleased to announce that two more Learn To Curl classes have been announced.

One of these classes will be our LTC101 class which is intended for people who have never curled before, or may have tried it once, but didn't feel comfortable curling.  The goal of this class is to cover the basics of how to sweep, how to deliver a rock, how to score the game, etc.

The other class will be our brand new LTC201 class.  This class is available only to those people who have either taken the LTC101 class, or people who have curled in the league before.  We have this restriction, because we are going to skip the basics, and get into the strategy of the game, how to read the ice, calling weight of rocks as they travel down the ice and more.

The registration for both of these classes is now open, and you can get to our registration page by clicking HERE.

Schedule Released for Jan & Feb Curling League

The schedule for the league has been released in full.
You can download the schedule by clicking HERE.

Please note that due to ice times available at the arena, there are some slight differences week to week with when a game starts.