Jan-Feb 2015 Week 1 Schedule

So here is the schedule for the first week.  Still putting some finishing touches on the whole schedule, but I should have that today or tomorrow.  This version will just use team captains names.

Sat Jan 3rd (Game Starts at 6:30 arrive at 6:00 to setup)
Team Darrell Brown vs Team Mick Long
Team Shawn O'Connor vs Team Olberding #3
Team Stephanie Simpson vs Team Kate Lane

Sun Jan 4th (Game Starts at 5:30PM arrive at 5:00 to setup)
Team Dan Coviello vs Team Chris Oberholzer
Team Jonathan Penney vs Team Ellen Perrazzo
Team Matt Hayes vs Team GE
Team Bob Olberding #2 vs Team Scott Bisselberg

Sun Jan 4th (Game starts at 7:00PM)
Team Andrew Maximiuk vs Team Steve Sprovach
Team Olberding #1 vs Team Donald Shutte
Team Daniel Brown vs Team Kieth Gregory
Team Darrell Hall vs Team Melissa Brubaker

Jan-Feb 2015 League Schedule News

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the upcoming league.  I am pleased to say that we have 22 teams signed up for the league.  I am going to start working on the schedule this weekend, and I plan to give everyone their schedule (at least for the first week) by Monday.  I have been waiting to get feedback from everyone from the survey I sent out.  I have gotten responses from about half the teams so far, but I cannot wait any longer to start the schedule.

Gift Idea for the Holiday Season

You've watched it on TV during the Olympics.  "What is that?" You were mesmerized. "How do they do that?" You wondered if you could do that. "It's not that hard, is it?" It's not that hard but it is harder than it looks.

The Cincinnati Curling Club will be offering so Learn To Curl sessions in January and February.  Why not pass on the gift of learning the game you've watched on TV and wondered "How do they make that look so easy?"  Our trained instructors will show you all the basics of the game we love.

Just click the "Buy Gift Certificate" button below.

Remember to look back at our website for all our upcoming programs like Leagues, Bonspiels, more Learn To Curl clinics and even some summer fun.

Game Times For Championship Week Announced

Its championship week, and playing or the title will be East of Maine fighting to reclaim their title, giving them 3 of the last 4 versus Hacks & Hops IPA seeing if they can win their first title.

Here are the game times for the final week of our league.  (Sheet assignments will be posted when you arrive)

Dec 21, 2014 5:30 Draw
East of Maine vs Hacks & Hops IPA (Championship Match)
Pampers Packers vs So Close
West of Maine vs Sip & Slides
Hacks & Hops Dunkel vs Hacks & Hops Pilsner

Dec 21, 2014 7:00 Draw
Crowded House vs Blarney Stones (Bronze Medal Match)
Swept With Your Wife vs Double Dream Hands
Sheet Storm vs Game of Stones
Cumberbees vs Little Miami Ice