Cincy Teams Headed to Arena Nationals

The Cincinnati Curling Club is pleased to announce that it's sending two teams to this summer's Arena Curling Nationals in Lansing, MI.  Both a men's team and women's team with enter the event at the Summit Sports and Ice Complex from 12-15 June, 2014.  They won’t be going alone as we also have a sponsor in Braxton Brewing Company signed up for the teams.

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Congratulations to our Spring 2014 League Champions

Congratulations to our repeat league champs East Of Maine.  They completed an the season with no losses and a tie (long story, on why the game ended in a tie, but I won't rant at this point).  The undefeated fall season to win the championship by defeating Sip & Slides score of 10-3

Spring 2014 League Champs

Even more impressive in their win is the fact that East of Maine played their semifinal and finals matches without the regular lead, using a spare (Scott Bisselberg) that just took up curling in a Post Olympic Learn To Curl This year.  As the skip of Sip & Slides, I could provide some more specific notes about how they beat us down, but I will simply leave it at the fact that they played very well, and I did my team no favors.

Now East Of Maine has a major task to take up.  They will hold Wilbur for another 6 months.  After completely dropping the ball after their first championship, they have some serious obligations to take Wilbur to some fun places this summer.

(For those of you new to the site, our championship trophy has been nicknamed Wilbur, and it is the responsibility of the league champions to take Wilbur on a champions tour)

I will finish off this post by saying that I think the future of our club is looking very bright.  We had so many players and teams in our league this year who were either brand new to curling, or had very limited experience, that I was not sure to expect.  But as it turns out, people took it up way faster than I could have ever imagined.  I think that our talent pool is getting deep enough to dethrone The Evil Canadian Empire East Of Maine in the upcoming season.