Spring 2014 Championship Week

(The schedule for this weeks game is at the bottom of this post.)

So it's championship week in the league, with Team O'Connor taking on Team Penney.  This draw should be interesting, as it will have the inaugural Cincinnati curling champion (O'Connor) taking on the defending champion (Penney).  The battle for Wilbur should be entertaining.  Of course, O'Connor is coming off their two worst games of the year, losing in Skip's Rock Draw in the last regular season draw, and having to pull off a huge comeback to eek out a 1 point win in the semifinals.  While Penney is hot winning their semifinal game 14-1.  Both teams will be missing a player this week.  I know O'Connor has picked up a spare that has played on and off with the team for the last 3 seasons.  No word yet on who will spare for Penney.  The question really will be if he tried to pick up a ringer, or decides to play nice.

The championship game will be the late draw (8:30pm) this week.  I hope that everyone from the early draw sticks around to watch, and for the trophy presentation afterwards.

And in a bit of a more serious note, I would like to congratulate all the teams in the league.  We started off with quite a few teams who had never curled before, as well as many more that had only curled a little bit.  I have seen a great deal of improvement in everyone, and have been encouraged how close the games have been in the second half of the season.

Week 8

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Spring 2014 Curling League Update

Sorry for the late notice, but the games for April 19th have now been posted.  I will post the results of April 12th later tonight (I mistakenly left them at home, I’m an idiot!)
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