Learn To Curl

With all the TV coverage of curling, isn't about time you learned how to curl?  Why not?  It's fun, social and a great indoor winter activity that will make you ask why didn't I start earlier.  In partnership with the Indian Hill Winter Club, the Cincinnati Curling Club will guide you in the right direction.  Our certified instructors are very excited to teach you all about curling.  Not just the delivery, sweeping and factoids about the game but the strategy basics and the etiquette and social aspects of the game we all love.

Check the flyer for dates, times and where to register.


Announcing the 2014 Spring Open League

The Cincinnati Curling Club is ready to announce our 2014 Spring Open Curling League.  For those new to the sport of curling, the term "Open" is meant to mean your team can be made up of any combination of genders (and ages for that matter).  So what is stopping you?

Not sure you are ready for League Curling?  Have you attended one of our Learn-To-Curl or Social curling sessions?  If yes, you are probably ready.

Do you have to be good?  No.  The CCC's League play is intended to be fun and recreational but still follow the rules and be competitive.  We typically have teams made up of new players and some who have not played in 20 years.  Our more experienced players will be more than happy to assist you with the rules, etiquette and to help you with your technique so that you have a fun time.

Do I need a team of 4 to play?  No.  Join as a single or as couple ... or a threesome for that matter and we will try and set you up with other people looking for players.

I can't make it for all the dates?  We have two options. 1- Get more people on your team.  Life gets in the way all the time; business travel, kids sports and even vacation.  With a 5 or 6 person team you'll have 4 people available each week. 2- Join our Spare List.  Teams are always looking for spares and you might end up playing more games than you bargained for.

Cost? The League Fee is $400 per team.  League players will also need to be members of the Cincinnati Curling Club which is a $50 per person fee for the 2014 season.  Membership has its privileges.  Being a member of the CCC is a requirement of USA Curling and the regional GLCA which will also allow you to play in qualifiers for Nationals and travel to out of town Bonspiels.  Members will also receive some other items but let's keep it a surprise.

Dates & Times?  The League format is still being worked on based on the number of entries.  You'll notice the first 2 weeks are basically time for one game (or draw).  The rest are room for 2 games times (or draws).  We are also holding the March 23rd date for some make up games.  The scheduled League dates and times are:

  • March 1 8pm
  • March 8 8pm
  • March 22 6 & 8pm
  • March 23 5pm *
  • March 29 6 & 8pm
  • April 5 6 & 8pm
  • April 12 6 & 8pm
  • April 19 6 & 8pm
  • April 26 6 & 8pm

How do I join?  Basically, You'll need to send us an email with some basic contact info for each player on your team.  We will send you the Membership form to fill out and return with the Membership Fee and League Fee.  Don't wait too long.  This is an Olympic year and we are expecting some extra interest.