The Birth Of A New Cincinnati Curling Club Tradition

Previously I had mentioned that it was curling time again in Cincinnati. After having played my first league game this past weekend (and very poorly I might add), it reminded me that my time as “League Champion” is probably coming to a close. So, I think that it is an appropriate time to let everyone know that we have decided to start a new tradition in our club. Since we are such a new club, this may actually be our first tradition. I make no guarantees that it will continue on forever, but as I had a lot of fun, I can’t recommend it enough. So, without further ado, please allow me to formally introduce Wilbur.

My First Bonspiel Experience – Part 2

You can read that first part of my account here.  But for those of you who have read it already, feel free to read on now.

How Tired Must World Class Curlers Get?

It gives me great perspective into big curling tournaments, where in 1 week, they will play an eight or so game round robin, then have a tournament at the end.  To win they may play as many as 12 draws in a week.  I have a new found respect for those that curl at an elite level.  I knew curling was tiring, but had never really thought about how truly exhausting it was.  For a game that takes such mental precision, this fatigue, both mental and physical, really is a factor.  No room for “beer league” if you really want to be world class. Read more