Indian Hill Winter Club Ice Making 2013

So we at the Cincinnati Curling club are guests of the Indian Hill Winter Club.  The IHWC decided to take down their ice, and then put it back up over the long holiday week.  I am going to try to post some pictures to document the process as much as I can.  Please note that we are an arena curling club, so at this point, we have to get the base ice up, then the hockey lines, then the curling lines, etc.

Please feel free to look through the slideshow below to see part of the process

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Road Trip – Ft. Wayne, IN

Having just read curlKY's post about his first bonspiel experience, I felt inclined to do the same. However, if you don't know me, this was not my first 'spiel. Now I'm no Tour player. In fact my one shot at the Brier (Canada's National Men's Championship) we went 0-2. Dream over. I digress. Since moving to the USA I've been so impressed with the effort that people put into the game. In Canada, some of the membership feel privileged to play and be given a service that they have had for years or even decades. The Fort Wayne SummerSpiel was great peek into the USA Curling scene and what some hard work can accomplish.

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My First Bonspiel Experience

Last weekend, two teams from the Cincinnati Curling Club went up to Fort Wayne, Indiana to compete in their Summerspiel event.  Since this was my first bonspiel, I have lots of thoughts and experience that I wanted to share.  The most important thing I wanted to share is that if you haven’t been to a bonspiel yet, you should go.  I apologize in advance if you find this post a bit rambling, but I have a lot to say about so many different things.

My First Experience With Wheelchair Curling

I wanted to start with the biggest thing that left an impression on me from this bonspiel, wheelchair curling.  Prior to the bonspiel, I was aware that there was wheelchair curling, but I had never seen it.  Not only did I get to see it, but my team’s first draw was against a wheelchair team.  Not just any Wheelchair team, but a team that was headed to Sochi, Russia to compete in the Paralympics and had finished 4th in the world at the last Wheelchair World Curling Championships. Read more

Level 1 Instructor Class Update

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Level 1 Instructor Class that was scheduled for September here in Cincinnati has been cancelled.  This class will now take place at the Columbus Curling Club sometime this fall.  More details to follow.