Shorty Jenkins 1935-2013

On April 11, 2013, the famed eccentric ice technician known in Canada for his trademark pink cowboy hat, passed away at age 77. He reinvented icemaking with techniques that made the game more consistent for curlers, and thus more entertaining to play and watch.

For those of you that may not know, curling ice is not flat like an ice skating surface. Little droplets of water are sprinkled onto the ice, and this is what allows the curling rocks to "curl" as they travel down the sheet.  Depending how the ice is pebbled and prepared, the rocks may curl a lot, or run fairly straight. So in some sense, I would say, curlers are only as good as their ice. Shorty experimented with water types, scraping and temperature among other things to produce the best ice for curlers.

One of our members mentioned that Shorty has said regarding pebbling the ice "If you don't get wet, you're doing it wrong." I've pebbled only a handful of times, but if that's the case, then I must be an exceptional pebbler!

See you on the ice!


I’m finally able to say, we are officially curlers

I am finally able to say, that here in Cincinnati, we are now officially curlers.  Sadly, I am not yet able to say that I am a good curler.

Despite the fact that I have been technically curling since the last Olympics, I have never really felt like a true curler.  Perhaps, a little bit of background is necessary about the Cincinnati Curling Club.

(Read on for a little history, and my small attempt at humor and gratitude.  The cliff notes version for those of you that I bore, is that we are officially curlers now, and if you see Greg B, Darrell, Jeff or Mark, you owe them a beer.  And check out the new League Page on our site.) Read more

Curling Thoughts – April 6th, 2013

The big news in the club, is that this marks the 1 week countdown to the start of our first ever league.  Expect to see some changes to the website this week as a result.

As for this weekend, it marked a big change for things at our club.  We had back to back learn to curl / social curling events, with one from 6-8:30, and the other from 8:30-11.  I don't have an official count of people since I wasn't actively a part of the earlier session, but I think that there were close to 50 curlers that came out Saturday night for us.  This was great since we weren't sure how well the double session would go, and were late to add the second session.  That and the fact that the weather was perfect outside, far more conducive to grilling out, than to playing an ice sport.

I know we had a return visit from the group that drives a few hours from West Virginia to come curl with us, so that was fantastic.

Now if I could just get more people from the club to start posting about curling here, so you can read more than just my humble ramblings. Read more

Aspen Bonspiel

Anyone making the drive to Aspen for Memorial Day?

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