One of the goal for the Cincinnati Curling Club is to promote curling for all age groups.  One of those groups is university and college students.  Curling is fun and safe sport with a physical aspect that most people underestimate and a mental aspect that rivals the top strategy games out there.  There is a culture and social side to curling that is second to none.

Learning the basics of curling is easy.  Just sign up for one of our Learn To Curl classes.  The next level is our Instructional League in which we will build on your skills of sweeping, fine tune your delivery, learning the different types of shots and when to use them in an overall strategy of the game.  This all happens in a controlled league play.

If we get enough interest from college aged players, there maybe room in our programing for a Cincinnati College Curling League.  Your school's curling team might then organize further into a student club.  Being a student sports club has advantages.  Some schools provide funding for renting facilities or travel to competitions.

I'd encourage you to check out College Curling USA.  This is the path for college teams to get to the national championships.

If you have an interest in the sport and need help getting a college club off the ground, please email us at