2017-18 Membership Information

  • 2017 – 2018 Dues:
    • Adult: $85
    • Junior: $50
    • Youth: $35
  • Membership Benefits:
    • Can join CCC leagues (additional fees apply)
    • Can spare in CCC leagues free of charge
    • Member of USCA, GLCA
    • Receive USCA Magazine (adult memberships)
    • Eligible to play in USCA and regional bonspiels
    • Eligible for USCA competition (additional requirements by USCA or club may apply, i.e., league play requirement)
  • Membership Dues Go Toward:
    • USCA dues
    • GLCA dues
    • Insurance
    • Operating Expenses (equipment, materials, website, software, marketing, etc.)
  • Membership Dues Do Not Go Towards:
    • Ice Rental
    • League Fees
  • Spares
    • Members of CCC can spare an unlimited number of times free of charge
    • Non-members of CCC can spare for $20 each time
    • If you cannot play in league, but expect to spare more than 3 times, you should become a CCC member
  • SmartWaiver
    • This year CCC will be using SmartWaiver for its member application and waiver
    • This brings the application and waiver to an online platform
    • CCC will be able to easily update member data using its MailChimp platform
    • Participants will receive an electronic copy of their waiver
    • Allows corporate events, learn to curls, etc. to sign waivers in advance
    • CCC will be able to easily update participant data after events using MailChimp and make follow up contact, hopefully transitioning them to future membership and/or league play
  • Links to Membership Forms and Waivers:

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