Curling Thoughts – May 11, 2013

I am relatively new to curling, having just taken it up after the last Winter Olympics.  Its been a long couple years of curling here in Cincinnati, trying to get people motivated to come curling all the time and trying to get organized with the arena.  But Saturday made me happy when people from 3 or 4 different curling teams came up to ask me about Bonspiels and future leagues.  I also had someone approach me about becoming an instructor at the club.  I admit that along the way to get here, I often wondered if we could really build curling momentum, but I can't deny what I am seeing.  Couple that along with the fact that there is such even balance in our league, and I think that curling is in great shape here in Cincinnati.

As for my curling, our team played probably our best game of the year so far.  We put Rocks in play and in good position from the first end to the last, keeping pressure on the other team to beat us.  But what may have been the most interesting thing for me in the evening was the lead for the other team.  He was called in as a last minute spare.  He was from Mexico, had never been on ice before in his life, and didn't speak English.  It made for some interesting first couple of ends.  But by the end of it, he found a rhythm and was playing pretty well for a first timer.

The league is coming to a close, with just 1 week left before summer is upon us.  And just everyone knows, there will be curling during the summer at the club.  I'm not sure how popular is is going to be, but the opportunity does exist to curl.

Good luck to everyone in their last game of the league, and I look forward to curling with everyone in the near future

Curling Thoughts – May 6th, 2013

So first I have to apologize for my lack of posts after the last couple of curling sessions.  I really try to do one of these every week, but work and real life have kept me busy.

So what has changed since my last post?  I think that they biggest thing, is that the IHWC did some major shaving of the ice.  My best guess is that they cut about 0.5" of ice off the top.  The good news about this, is that the curling lines are much easier to see.  The bad news, is that this created what I am simply going to call some weird ice phenomenon.  The first couple of week with this were really bad. This week, I threw on the outside sheets A & D, and I found both to be reasonably playable.

The league has proven to be far more competitive than I expected.  I originally had thought that there would be a few teams that would dominate, and a few teams that would struggle.  As it turns out, things are far more competitive than I would have expected.  Just when it looked like a team was dominate, they got upset.  I am very happy to see this.  I think that we as the CCC Instructor group should take this as a compliment that we have done our jobs well.

As for my teams curling this past weekend, it was a blast.  I'm probably a bit happier about it since we won, but I think that either way I would have been happy about it.  In my 3 years curling, I think that this was the most competitive match that I have taken part in.  Every end seemingly came down to the hammer, and most throws throughout each end were important.  My team went into the last end up 6-5, and when 12 ounce curlers threw the hammer, they could have very easily stolen the game.  But to be perfectly honest, my worst fear was that they would tie up the match, and we would go into a skip's rocks tiebreaker, where each team would throw a single rock to determine the winner.  I would love to see this happen in the league, but I would rather watch other teams deal with this, not have to compete in it.

From what I heard, there were a few other games that came down to the last end as well, so I hope it was as fun for everyone else as it was for our sheet.  The league is nearing the end, and I hope that the competition keeps on getting better every week.

Curling Thoughts – February 23, 2013

Our curling momentum continues to go strong, with our 5th consecutive sold out Learn To Curl session this year.  The next couple of sessions are virtually sold out already as well.  Not only that, but the interest in curling is far reaching, because we had another out of town group come up, this time from Louisville.

A group of 16 , mostly first timers, came and enjoyed themselves.  They are now looking to form a team or two in our upcoming inaugural league.

The good news for curling in Cincinnati is that the people who are coming back are getting the hang of it, and we are playing some fun ends with lots of rocks in play.  The first timers seem to be returning, so the experience that we are providing for beginners must be pretty good. Read more

Super Bowl Bound 49ers Star Vernon Davis Credits Curling With Helping His Mindset

Don Landry of Yahoo sports wrote this:

Vernon Davis is heading to the Super Bowl. Doubt he'll take his curling broom with him, but he will take the life lesson that the roaring game has taught him.

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