Cincinnati Curl Club Championship Recap

I have learned a lot this year about curling lingo.  I learned that I didn't play on a team, I was part of a rink.  And that our rink didn't play games, we participated in a draw that takes place on a sheet.  And I learned about a Skip's Rocks Draw To The Button Tiebreaker, but I'll get more into that in just a bit.

After a very competitive league, with very little separating the top teams, the Championship was played Saturday night by the Blarney Stones and Sip & Slides, both of which finished with 4-1 records.  Not only that, but both teams lost in the first week of the season, and won all of their other games, bringing 4 game winning streaks into the the Championship.

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Curling Thoughts – May 11, 2013

I am relatively new to curling, having just taken it up after the last Winter Olympics.  Its been a long couple years of curling here in Cincinnati, trying to get people motivated to come curling all the time and trying to get organized with the arena.  But Saturday made me happy when people from 3 or 4 different curling teams came up to ask me about Bonspiels and future leagues.  I also had someone approach me about becoming an instructor at the club.  I admit that along the way to get here, I often wondered if we could really build curling momentum, but I can't deny what I am seeing.  Couple that along with the fact that there is such even balance in our league, and I think that curling is in great shape here in Cincinnati.

As for my curling, our team played probably our best game of the year so far.  We put Rocks in play and in good position from the first end to the last, keeping pressure on the other team to beat us.  But what may have been the most interesting thing for me in the evening was the lead for the other team.  He was called in as a last minute spare.  He was from Mexico, had never been on ice before in his life, and didn't speak English.  It made for some interesting first couple of ends.  But by the end of it, he found a rhythm and was playing pretty well for a first timer.

The league is coming to a close, with just 1 week left before summer is upon us.  And just everyone knows, there will be curling during the summer at the club.  I'm not sure how popular is is going to be, but the opportunity does exist to curl.

Good luck to everyone in their last game of the league, and I look forward to curling with everyone in the near future

I’m finally able to say, we are officially curlers

I am finally able to say, that here in Cincinnati, we are now officially curlers.  Sadly, I am not yet able to say that I am a good curler.

Despite the fact that I have been technically curling since the last Olympics, I have never really felt like a true curler.  Perhaps, a little bit of background is necessary about the Cincinnati Curling Club.

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Curling Thoughts – April 6th, 2013

The big news in the club, is that this marks the 1 week countdown to the start of our first ever league.  Expect to see some changes to the website this week as a result.

As for this weekend, it marked a big change for things at our club.  We had back to back learn to curl / social curling events, with one from 6-8:30, and the other from 8:30-11.  I don't have an official count of people since I wasn't actively a part of the earlier session, but I think that there were close to 50 curlers that came out Saturday night for us.  This was great since we weren't sure how well the double session would go, and were late to add the second session.  That and the fact that the weather was perfect outside, far more conducive to grilling out, than to playing an ice sport.

I know we had a return visit from the group that drives a few hours from West Virginia to come curl with us, so that was fantastic.

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