Sept Update – Property Searches

The Cincinnati Curling Club has been looking for a home of it's own for a number of years now.  We have given some updates to our members over the years and now its time to start making this a little more public.

Our membership lives and works in many areas around the Greater Cincinnati Area.  Some in Kentucky communities like Hebron and Independence.  Some in Ohio from Oakley to Batavia to Loveland to Colerain to Sharonville to West Chester and Mason.  This has made selection of a location quite difficult.

Here are a couple of potentials that we are raising money for.

  • 2024 Northwest Dr. is in Springfield Township has 15,000SF available for rent. Basically half of the total building with 202' long by 76' wide space making it big enough for 5 sheets of curling ice.
  • 7596 Reinhold Dr. is close to our old location at the Cincinnati Gardens and has just over 13,800SF.  From the outside it looks like it would be possible to fit 4 sheets of curling ice in but the existing office and bathrooms are located on the side (rather than the end) of the building.  That would leave us with 3 sheets and paying for the square footage of 4.

As the searching continues, Dan C., Darrell B. and Charlie R. have all helped a great deal.  Not only on the specific properties but also the renovations and equipment costs.  The big factor still comes down to money.  So I'll keep fundraising and see how far we can get.