You’re never too young to start curling!

They say in curling it takes a few hours to learn and a lifetime to master.. but let's get them young folks started early!

And with that said, we have Youth Curling! For the young 'uns 3-11, Little Rockers and 11-21 Juniors.

Cincinnati Curling Club while relatively new has started it's Youth Curling program with the support of our friends at Columbus Curling Club.

During the season, our young curlers (and dedicated parents) drive up to Columbus for instruction, friendly play and hot cocoa!

Junior curling is focused on building a firm foundation in the basics of curling; development of etiquette and providing Youth a chance to compete at the Regional & National Level.

Recently Columbus Curling Club was host to the GLCA (Great Lakes Curling Association) to the Jr. Mens & Women's Playdowns for an opportunity to compete nationally in North Dakota.

David O'Neil from Columbus coordinated one Men's & one Women's team and Cincinnati's Jr. Curler Sarah Coviello was on that team.

Sarah, age 13, started her curling career 6 years ago as a Little Rocker at Plainfield Curling Club and curled in bonspiels in the Northeast.

Sarah played Vice on Team Martin with curlers ages ranging from 13 to 21.

The team played well and while they did not advance to Nationals, the learned quickly how to come together as a team, play well and have fun.

You'll find pictures & u-tube video from the GLCA playdowns at:

As we grow and obtain more ice time, Cincinnati Curling Club has plans to start a formal Youth program.

If interested, please reach out to us at