Complete Fall Curling League Schedule Released

After too many changes to count, here is the final schedule for the Fall League. If you cannot play a certain week or time that you are scheduled, it is ultimately your responsibility to find a spare to play for you or your whole team. You can contact us, and we will try to help, but it is still your responsibility.  Click the link that follows this to see the schedule. Continue reading

Announcing the Fall 2014 Curling League

Summer is nearing the end, and I am very excited that it means that the time for curling is fast approaching.  Our club has grown by 500% over the last year, and based upon conversations I have had, I know I am not the only one excited for curling to come back.  It’s time to get signed up for the fall league right now, and to get some people lined up to take down two time defending champions East of Maine.

Wilbur, Lobster and the Canadian Flag

Wilbur, Lobster and the Canadian Flag

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Wilbur Tour 2014

This summer Wilbur took a tour with part of the East of Maine team.  For those of you not familiar with geography, Maine is way up there in the north east corner of the USA.  Beyond that … God’s Country!  The Canadian Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick are like no other.  Friendly, humble and hard working people, many of whom love to curl.  The East of Maine team grew up in this land and invite you to discover it for yourself some day.  Let us know if you go.  We may have some other tips for the best travel experience.

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2014 Fall Curling League

Hello Curlers.  It is almost the end of summer, back to school and time for curling! We are currently working on the details of our 2014 edition of the Fall Curling League.  While we would love to be abel to give the exact details of the upcoming league, we are still waiting on the IHWC to give us available ice times for us to use for the upcomgin league.  Tentatively, we will have available to us Friday and Saturday nights from Sep-5 to mid-October.

While we are working out the finer points we need you to tell us your team’s roster and desired main night of play; Friday, Saturday, or either is OK.  Just a quick email to is all we need now.  Priority will be given to teams that played in the Spring league.  Once the Indian Hill Winter Club’s registration goes live, we will direct you there.

If you are currently a member of the Cincinnati Curling Club, great, your membership is still valid for the calendar year.  If not, we can email you those details to get you signed up.

Good Curling